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Inventory Management Software

Use the QR code and Barcode scanner to instantly pull an item up.

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Key Features

When you buy a new inventory item, you tell the TScan app about it. As your products get received, moved, removed from the warehouse, you mark them as so within the app. This lets you, at any time, see an overview of your inventory and the number of items that are available and their current locations.

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Tscan will help you to

  • Automate your Warehouse Inventory Process
  • Save All scanned items in the cloud
  • Scan inventory items using different phones
  • Use Barcode/QR Code scanner
  • Review Scanned items logs
  • Add/Remove/Move scan type support
  • Manage your team using Web Admin Panel
  • Take a Picture of the item
  • Capture product details you care about
  • Overview All the essential info on One screen
  • Import inventory data to/from a Spreadsheet
  • Get a simple history review

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